Monday, March 30, 2009

Match Preview: Andorra vs Croatia

I'm so bored. The international week started last weekend and as much as I love NT gatherings, it's been so boring and uneventful this time. Sure there are some pics and cute clips from training, but as they have too much private time on their hands, and they are sinisterly, well, private about it, that doesn't leave me with much. How inconvenient.

Also, we could've easily played two matches within these ten days, a friendly and an official, like most other teams, so I don't understand how come our team took 10 days off to prepare for Andorra exclusively? Really? And now they're wasting time doing nothing. Playstation and fussball and Seinfeld re-runs. Yes, that's how they're spending most of their afternoons.

Don't get me wrong, I love it when they just hang about casually, and it's probably for the better that they aren't playing anyone else until Wednesday as so many of our first team players are injured (Olić, Petrić, Pranjić, Mandžukić are definitely out, Luka is doubtful and Slaven probably won't risk him, Charlie is being mended as we speak).

But surely Slaven didn't know that when they were arranging the match schedule. They gave up on a friendly in November as it was 'pointless', and they've wasted this term now as well. I don't understand.

Well anyway, this is most likely the team that will run out vs Andorra*:

carli.gif vejic.gif krizanac.gif cale.gif
srna.gif juric.gif niko.gif rakitic.gif

* yes I stole this from another forum...

And this is where they'll be playing:

The capacity is about 1200, but far more important than that is the state of the pitch which is not fit for professional football. But as it happens, Andorrans refused our offer to play at Nou Camp instead, even though they did so with England - in other words, "who the f**k are you?" Ah well. They deserve a good stuffing anyway.

Some stats: We played Andorra in three qualifying rounds so far, and have a pretty good goal difference, 22-0. That's 4,4 goals per match - hopefully this means there'll be a goleada on Wednesday as well.

What to say about them? Hack'n'slash really. I noticed at the last match their #7 had some ball skills but all in all, it should be easy peasy. The only concern is none of the guys get hurt due to the bad pitch conditions.


  1. **Geography fail and lack of Google search due to laziness alert**

    Is Andorra one of those Spanish islands claiming to be their own country? If so, excellent! Hotties?

    If not, oh well, they will lose to the dancing heads anyway :D Who's the Bojan lookalike defender? Is he Stephpropriate?

  2. No Vanilla Bear, Andorra is a little place in the middle of the Pirenees - whatever, Pirinéus.
    It's a place from where CRon's girlfriends emerge from. LOL

    It looks like a beautiful place, but the pitch situation is worrying.

    "Charlie is being mended..." ahahaha

  3. LOL 'emerges from'! Which girlfriend is this though, is there a latest one? But anyway, thanks Carly, I realised I was thinking of Corsica, which still isn't Spanish so really I should stop... :(

  4. LOL - I love that line up pic :D
    And congrats on the win!!
    Oh Dudu and Klasnic are back in da house.