Sunday, November 16, 2008

Will the media please stop talking about Charlie's beard like it's still there...

Because Slaven didn't want our guys to play a friendly in November when the rest of the footballing world does, they now have a few days to sit on their scrummy bums and do nothing. The Croatian contingent at Spurs decided it was time to head home, and since that's obviously where I am, for the next couple of days Superman will be showing off his superior genetics within a reasonable distance.

So what do you think, should I present him with my ingenious babies making plan of world domination?

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Doctor Charlie supervising a medical team performing a field surgery.

And because journalists need to make a living, they've jumped at them at the airport and got all the important answers - like when will Charlie shave. Even though he clearly shaved at least once since the no-shave talk.

"Shaving is such a pain in the arse, it really is", he said, "but I guess I'll muster the strength somehow - do I have to do it right now or can I wait until I get home?"

Where is Pompey's midfield Rembrandt at the moment - it is still undefined, but since he apparently picked up a minor injury during the week which made him miss this weekend's match, I guess he most likely stayed in England to let it heal. Considering he's just returned from a long-term injury, I can see why he's more dedicated than homesick.

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From doctors to artists, our national team are l33t.

Meanwhile, the rumour mill at the Beeb says this:
Harry Redknapp is being linked with another of his former Portsmouth players today. Rumours suggest Spurs will launch a £12 million bid for midfielder Niko Kranjcar in January.

When asked for their opinions on the said matter, both Luka and Charlie made comments such as "OMG pls make it happen pls kthx!!1" and "w00t w00t!" which suggested they wouldn't have anything particularly against it.

But in a way I hope Niko will tell them, tough luck guys. (We all do, according to the poll.)
I don't really want them to get along on the pitch when they play for teams other than the national team. I want hot, intense, angry head to head situations, hissing, maybe even light shoving.
Most of all, I want to see Niko furious. For once. Just once. Please? Do it for me Charlie. If anyone on the pitch can bring it in him, it's you, you know that very well.

P.S. I'm worried that the reason Niko might be possibly considering a move to London in the January transfer window is the fact his MFEO Sarah is also coming there in January - coincidence, I think not Photobucket

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nobody does a superhero better than superhero Charlie.

Yeah yeah Tottenham won yesterday in the 4th round of the Carling Cup, they rolled over a weakened Liverpool side. I won't go on about the match when Gina already did that better than I could.

Instead I'll focus on Charlie, and how he was made of win last night. (Not that he usually isn't, mind you...)

The best defender on the pitch who hardly put a foot wrong, authoritative, decisive, composed and clean as usual. 99 minutes of keeping the defense tight, squeezing Nando off the ball occasionally, frowning at Lucas and generally looking too cool for school - what more could I ask for?

But also; from --
The Brazilian goalkeeper was accidentally kicked in the mouth by Philipp Degen as the pair challenged for a loose ball and needed Vedran Corluka's swift reaction to prevent him swallowing his tongue.

Yes, he apparently saved the day. (The goalie is going to be alright, thank god.)

Do I??? Do I??? Oh yes please, especially on a day like this!

Drama in pictures!

Stupid watermarks, get out of my way nowwww!!