Saturday, April 18, 2009

Niko has a boo boo :-(

This was supposed to be a happy post :-( but instead, this happened:

Niko got injured yesterday at the match with Bolton. He was excellent until that point, playing one of his best games this season. And then minute 77 happened, he was brought down in a bad tackle and hurt his left ankle. It looked horrible :-((

Of course, the initial speculations were way over the top, saying that he probably broke his ankle, which did nothing to ease my mind as you can guess. But soon after we got the news Niko was even able to walk a bit with no crutches so it's surely not as bad as it first looked. In fact, according to our NT doctors, he could be fit again in 10-20 days, depending on the extent of damage on his ligaments. And they'll know more after the MRI scan tomorrow.

I can't believe all the bad luck the boy's had this season! And just as he was getting his best form back, something like this happens :'-( poor Niko... Please footy gods, let him be OK!

Sad Niko is sad :-( I die :-(

In other news, Tottenham played Newcastle today and won 1-0. They were dominant throughout the match and basically toying with NU, but their end product simply wasn't there. Even the goal they scored was the result of a few lucky bounces, though credit to Bent, he used his chance well.

Both Luka and Charlie started the match as usual. Unfortunately, about half an hour in Dawson got injured in what eerily looked like a reprise of Niko's injury. He fell awkwardly and hurt his ankle, it looked really bad and he was obviously in a lot of pain :-(

According to the first news, they still don't know if it's a fracture or ligament damage and will have to wait for the checkup on Monday, but it doesn't look good...

Poor Michael, I quite like him. There's something childishly innocent about him, plus his committment is second to none. And such bad luck, he's been a replacement CB and the one break he gets, he gets injured :-(

So many sad faces to make today :-(

Luka played a great match again, as usual when they play at home - so that's one good news I can report I guess.

As for Charlie, he moved to CB after Daws was taken out, and Hutton was brought on as RB. Charlie seemed a bit absent minded to begin with, but he was doing alright until he switched to the center. He's had a few shaky moments there, even with Newcastle playing as poorly as they have. Well I can't say he's had a shocking game, but it was far from his brilliant performances in the recent few games.

Hutton however did well at RB, a few great crosses and seemed fresh, after being sidelined for long. Whatever Charlie may say, I've noticed awhile ago he just doesn't seem to be in it anymore when he has to play as centerback. And with King being selected whenever he's fit, I don't know where that leaves Charlie :-( not on the bench hopefully!

Fighting with the dark side.

Yeah, today is just one big sad face.


  1. Oh :( Poor Niks, Poor Daws.
    Hutton did really well. Charlie looks more comfortable as a right-back, but he still managed to goup front at least once while playing in the middle and created a great chance. They should have scored more, I was afraid Newcastle would score at the last minute.

  2. Oh nooo!!!
    Poor Niko and Dawson ;(
    Here are some serious fingers and toes crossings for the scans to be OK.
    And so that they could recover oh so quickly.

    Also poor Charlie... he needs to settle in as a CB. ('Arrryyy!!! :@)
    But CB is much much better than the bench - really.

  3. Aw no Ven :( I don't like when you're sad *hugs* I hope Niko and Dawson are back soon, at least before the end of the season!

    *Sending positive vibes* I hope Gary the physio is working overtime on that ankle!